How We Started?

I’m Sheldon, a son of logger. At first, I want just to free my dad from the troublesome sharpening. You know, due to the slow and physically demanding nature of hand files, it’s tiresome to sharpen the chain after a tiring day. He got my first design and gave me some suggestions for improvement. He was satisfied that this tool given him more time to enjoy his coffee. He said maybe I could start a business to help more workers.

Then during the difficult pandemic in 2020, Lee, studied materials science, and I improved this product. We select the hardest material combination from 23 materials to avoid rapid attrition, we select the most expensive copper motors for high power, we design shock-absorbing rubber to protect hands, and we have visited more than 10 competent factories for quality assurance... 

All our efforts aimed at one goal: Be the best and easiest chainsaw sharpener in the world. Every tool user deserves to be treated gently and with the ease tools to free them. That’s EzzDoo:make everything easy to do!

To date, we have our own factory, with quality management systemwe, we stick to our philosophy and continue to develop more tools that easy to use.

This year, we spent 6 months designing and producing our second product: Compost Spreader. We believe the more time we spend, the more convenient it will be for customers.

We've received over 200 product suggestions from 10,000+ EzzDoo users . Gratitude to every customer, we are getting better and better all the time. Of course, you are matters! Welcome to become one of our wonderful customers and help us grow and explore more great ideas together!